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OverviewDance Steps

Musical theater dance is the study of Broadway dance and dance styles. Young students as well as teens learn choreography from selected musicals, such as “High School Musical”, “Hair Spray”, “Annie”, and many more. At American Academy Performing Arts, we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced musical theater dance. Our focus is on Broadway musicals old and new! Our instructors introduce song and choreography into dance technique in a variety of styles.


Enrollment Process

Each dance class we offer has a maximum number of students allowed in each class so students get the technical attention they deserve to further advance individual skills. Students wanting to register after a class reaches its maximum capacity will be places on a waitlist. When the waitlist reaches a minimum number needed to open a new class, students will be notified on a first come first serve bases. 


Class Options

Rebel Dance (Grades K-1)

Description: Rebel Dance is for our young students to begin exploring movement with music. This is a combination class to teach the different styles of dance in ballet and tap. Students will experience a fun filled adventure into the world of dance when learning simple movements while dancing to their favorite Disney music. The emphasis of the combo dance class is to provide fun and enrichment while developing coordination skills and overall dance fitness. 


A1 Beginner Musical Theater Dance (Grades 2-3)

Description: Beginning musical theater dance is a great place for our younger students to be introduced to all styles of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop.  This class is designed for younger students in an effort to spark and maintain their interest, while exposing them to different styles of dance, in a fun energetic environment. This class will begin teaching students dance terminology, balance and coordination while continuing to explore fun music in the Broadway genre.


A2 Intermediate Musical Theater Dance (Grades 4-5)

Description: Intermediate musical theater dance will begin advancing student skills in all styles of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop providing them with a well-rounded dance education. Students will begin learning the fundamentals of each dance style. We will begin working on strengthening and toning young bodies while challenging creativity. Students will learn short combinations to their favorite Broadway musicals while continuing to work on flexibility and coordination.


A3 Advanced Musical Theater Dance (Grades 6-8)

Description: Advanced musical theater dance focuses on the fundamentals of dance technique and progress into faster paced leaps, turns and quick foot movement. This class is designed to further your training in isolation, syncopation, strength, rhythm, contraction, and flexibility. Build your Broadway-style repertoire with instruction in tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop for the musical stage. If you can’t help but move to the rhythms of Broadway and you want to be cast in musicals, this is the class for you!