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Rebel Drama (Grades K-4)
Does your child like to sing, dance and use their imagination? Rebel Drama is designed to help students use their imagination, props, costume pieces, and story-starters, to create and perform scenes in each class. This class will help students learn to create short stories with a strong beginning, middle and end, while learning the principles of elementary stagecraft. In each session, students will be surprised with a story location (the jungle, a circus, the beach) and then they will create a story, determine use of props and costumes and then act out their scene. 
Physical Comedy and Stage Combat
In this class we will be working with our bodies and minds to create characters from the ground up.  We will build a deeper understanding of what makes our characters uniquely funny in the world of comedy.  Working as an ensemble, we all will be working together to discuss what is funny to us and experiment with what makes each one of us laugh.  This class is going to be a lot of fun and will have a good deal of information about the history behind physical comedy and work toward creating an ensemble of comedic characters.  If time allows, stage combat techniques may also be an additional element of enrichment in this class, though not the primary focus.  
Acting Techniques
In this course, students will explore a variety of acting techniques as developed by some of the greats including Stanislavski, Meisner, and Adler.  Students will use games and activities, and scene and monologue work, to develop introductory skills in these methods.  These skills will assist with character development, motivation, and providing the student with tools to utilize in future stage endeavors.  This course will be taught by Denver professional actors, Tim Wilkinson (LM and MB) and Robert Michael Sanders (CP) who previously directed our all school production of "Oklahoma"! 
Scene Study 

In this course, students will prepare ensemble scenes for presentation.  Students will focus on acting techniques, and the process of reacting to other actors, dialogue, and variables that may occur in live performance.  Exceptional scenes may be chosen for showcase performance at the end of the session.  This course will be taught by Denver professional actor, Robert Michael Sanders (only available at CP, but all students are invited to register regardless of campus affiliation).   

Junior Thespians (Grades 6-8)
American Academy Junior Thespian Troupe #88842 is a distinguished club offered to all students in grades 6-8. The troupe's mission is to work to improve camaraderie and the culture of the school through volunteerism, mentor-ship, and promotion of the performing arts. This club will meet yearlong on Wednesdays at each respective campus under the direction of Mrs. Carlson, Mr. Middlebrooks and Mrs. Townley. There is no charge to join this club and all middle school students are welcome. Meetings consist of strategic planning, theatre games, and troupe business.