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American Academy


The American Academy Performing Arts programming would not be possible without all the many hours invested from wonderful parent volunteers! 
If you are interested in helping out on any of our parent committees, please fill out the online volunteer form and an AAPA administrator will respond as soon as possible (note: your volunteer submission may take a few weeks to be processed -- thank you for volunteering!). 
Volunteers needed
We have lots of volunteer opportunities in different areas, including:
  • Costume design
  • Costume construction
  • Set design
  • Set construction
  • Marketing
  • Prop design
  • Prop acquisition
  • Prop construction
  • Loading and transporting of equipment and show pieces
  • Administrative and office help
  • And more!
Our adult volunteers are always encouraged to involve students in the process! Our goal is to train students in as many production elements as possible and eventually turn as much over to students as possible.