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American Academy

Performing Arts Program

American Academy is proud to offer American Academy Performing Arts (AAPA), a program of extracurricular instruction, activities and experiences intended to supplement and challenge students in excelling in the performing arts. We aim to offer the most professional experience possible for each student as they develop confidence and poise on stage, attributes which translate into many areas of education and which promote exceptional life skills.
AAPA extracurricular opportunities are open to all students and feature instructors from around the community as well as from our own exceptional, full-time performing arts team. Students can begin taking dance, theater, voice, and/or instrumental classes as early as Kindergarten. Older students (grades 5-8) may pursue AAPA certification, a more focused option for learning. Certification requires enrollment in and completion of a sequenced AAPA program in one or more areas of study, culminating in recognition and a special certificate of completion during eighth grade graduation.
Additionally, we offer an annual overnight trip option for students interested in learning more and experiencing performing arts from a professional perspective.

AAPA Certificate Program Enrollment

AAPA certificate class enrollments occur throughout the year in four sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). If less than 10 students enroll for a track or any given performing arts class, that class may be cancelled and a refund issued. Unless a class is cancelled by the school, enrollment and participation fees are non-refundable.
Once a student has been registered for an AAPA certificate track, an appointment may be scheduled by the parents with an AAPA staff member who will help advise the student regarding courses to complete, potential substitutions, or alternative possibilities to help complete AAPA certificate requirements. Students should strive to complete as much course work as possible, through AAPA offerings as opposed to substitutions.