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American Academy

Board Election Committee

The Board Election Committee oversees the election process for both the School Accountability Committee (SAC) and the Board of Directors (BOD) each spring. Election Day for American Academy usually takes place in April or May of the school year.
In the spring, once the BEC has been selected, potential candidates are asked to submit their interest to the Board Election Committee that includes a short bio and reasons for interest in joining the School Accountability Committee or Board of Directors at American Academy. Once the candidates have all been submitted, an announcement of their candidacy along with their information is communicated to the American Academy parent community. Votes are collected via a parent survey. Each KindiePrep and K-8 parent at American Academy has ONE vote.

Spring 2023 Board Election Committee

BEC Chair - Parent/SAC Representative: Stacey Beechum- MB
BOD Representative: Kay Wan
Executive Director of Schools: Steve Colella
AA Staff Representative: Sean Milner
AA Staff Representative: Michele Quintana
Parent/SAC Representative: Amber O'Neill - CP
Parent/SAC Representative: Bryan Armstrong - LM

2023 BOD and SAC Candidates

Election Winners 2023 (coming soon)