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American Academy

K-8 Student Fees

K-8 student fees are collected during the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Express Check-In registration process with an application called MySchoolBucks. Though American Academy avoids increases, student fees are subject to change at the recommendation of school administration upon approval by the American Academy Board of Directors.
Any questions regarding fees should be directed to:

[email protected]

2024-2025 K-8 Student Fees

**Student fees for the coming year are reviewed and approved by the American Academy Board of Directors at the spring retreat. Fees will be updated on this page once approved. Fees will be assessed mid-late July, and will be in your account when you register our student(s).
Grades K-5
$275.00 per student
Grades 6-8
$305.00 (fees) + $75.00 (One-to-One) = $380.00 per student
A table showing student fees broken down.
See the American Academy Comprehensive Fee Policy for details on student fee collection.

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