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American Academy

Campus Transfers

Campus transfers will be considered on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the school's administration. Transfers will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and only if there are openings available at the receiving campus. A parent/guardian meeting with the student's principal may be required to assess whether a transfer is in the best interest of the student, family, and school. Administration reserves the right to deny transfer requests for any reason.
Transfer requests must be initiated by completing the Campus Transfer Application and Approval form; one form needs to be completed for each student. Conversations with school staff, whether in person or in writing, will not be considered an appropriate form of initiating a transfer request. Completed forms must be returned to the front office at your current American Academy campus or email a scanned/PDF copy to (photo images of forms will not be accepted). Forms will be dated and timestamped by school staff upon receipt.
Mid-year transfer requests that will take effect during the current school year may be submitted at any time.
Transfer requests that will take effect at the beginning of the following school year should be submitted no later than November 30th.  This will allow our Registrar to reserve an upcoming open seat, if any, for your student at the desired campus before our lottery takes place for the general wait list on December 5th. Transfer requests received after we have begun extending offers to our wait list will receive priority before any additional offers are made to our wait list, but only in the event there are remaining openings at the campus you wish to transfer to. 
Applications will not be processed between May 1 - August 31. Our administration uses this time period to plan and prepare for the upcoming school year and will not be available for application consideration and/or meetings regarding campus transfers.
In most instances, the application process will take 2-3 weeks. If your application is submitted between May 1 - August 31, it will not be processed until September 1.
If you have any questions regarding the Campus Transfer application or process, please email