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American Academy

Walking To and From School

Walking is for Door-to-Door!

The carpool process is American Academy’s primary method for student drop-off and dismissal. Alternately, K-8 students who live nearby may also walk or bike TO school at parent discretion. However, for safety reasons, afternoon dismissal FROM school works a little differently:
  1. We ask that ONLY families with door-to-door proximity to the campus use the afternoon walking/biking option. Parents are strongly discouraged from planning to park in nearby neighborhoods and have students walk to the car. This activity is of particular concern in the afternoons because it creates a great deal of traffic congestion near the campus, multiple safety issues, and frustration for the neighbors.

  2. Parents are responsible for updating each student's daily dismissal option ("Carpool" vs "Walker") in the School Dismissal Manager (SDM) application. By selecting "Walker" for your student in SDM, you are providing your express permission for AA to release your student as a Walker at the end of the school day.  Students will NOT be released to walk or bike without the Walker dismissal designation on file. Instead, the front office will call the parent to pick up the student through regular carpool or through the front office (after carpool hours).
Questions about walkers? Please contact the front office at your campus (CP, LM, MB).