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American Academy

Alternate Dismissal Procedures (K-8)

Student safety is American Academy's first priority. In the event of a Lock Out, unsafe temperatures, extreme precipitation, lightning, network system failure, or other unfavorable circumstances during afternoon pick-up, the school may opt to use an alternate dismissal procedure for K-8 students. K-8 alternate dismissal procedures do NOT apply to KindiePrep. KindiePrep students must always be picked up in person, regardless of conditions.

Communication of Alternate Dismissal Procedure

We will communicate with families via our emergency communications system, our school website, and social media. All registered families are automatically added to our Emergency Communication list at the beginning of August and the list will be updated periodically using Infinite Campus (only legal parents or guardians will be added to our Emergency Communication list).

Patience and Respect

Alternate pick-up procedures are by definition not ideal or as efficient as the regular pick-up procedure, and as such, they are hard on staff and students as well as parents. However, in an emergency, convenience and efficiency are sacrificed in exchange for safety. Please be respectful of staff and follow instructions during any alternate procedure. Staff will always do their best to keep things moving as quickly as possible while ensuring your student's safety under non-ideal circumstances.
Parents are encouraged to review each of the different alternate dismissal procedures (see menu) to become familiar with them.