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American Academy

Emergency Communications

In the event of a school emergency affecting the entire campus or school, American Academy will use the Standard Response Protocol (SRP), which distills emergency responses down to four actions: Lockdown, Lockout, Shelter and Evacuate. American Academy also communicates and works with local emergency services, law enforcement and Douglas County Security during emergencies.
Please read more about the Standard Response Protocol here, and how we use it on our Standard Response Protocol web page.

American Academy Emergency Communication

American Academy will use the voice and text feature available through this website as our primary means of communicating emergency messaging. Please note that the school district (DCSD) uses a different emergency communications system to reach all DCSD parents and it is NOT related to American Academy emergency communications. If you wish to ALSO receive emergency communications specific to American Academy, you must opt in to sign up for emergency communications using the opt-in form below.
American Academy Emergency Communications Opt-In Form
To opt-out of texts at any time, replay "STOP." For help, text "HELP." To opt-out of voicemails, follow the instructions given at the end of each voicemail.
During an emergency, American Academy Communications will communicate with parents as soon is reasonably possible, given the particular circumstances. In any emergency, the safety of the students in our building will always be our FIRST priority, occasionally at the expense of more immediate communication. At the beginning of any emergency situation, we will busy securing student safety first, and then working with emergency services, law enforcement and safety and security at the district to ensure we have the correct information. Communications will be sent to parents as soon as we have that information to share, as soon as possible. Please do NOT call or email the school during an active emergency situation -- for safety's sake, our focus must remain on your students.