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American Academy

New Student Registration and Paperwork

Welcome to American Academy! Upon verbally acceptance of enrollment at the school, parents must complete the required paperwork so the Registrar can secure the student's spot at American Academy as soon as possible.

Please complete the following instructions!

Turn in all required registration forms within one (1) week of invitation to enroll.
In order for us to process your registration (and secure your spot at American Academy), ALL of the required registration forms (listed and linked below) are due to the American Academy front office at your campus within ONE week of your invitation to enroll. NOTE: Some forms can be completed electronically, but we require you to turn in a printed copy to complete your registration.
  • From your personal records, one per student:

    1. Student birth certificate (the original PLUS one copy for EACH student
    2. Current student immunization record
      This form is provided by your child's physician but does not have to be signed by the physician. If you do not have current immunization records or if your child has not been immunized, you are required to complete either the "Personal Reasons" or "Religious Reason" exemption form. These exemption forms are available at the American Academy front office.
    3. One form of Proof of Residency
      • Warranty Deed with notarized letter; OR
      • Deed of Trust; OR
      • Lease agreement; OR
      • Tax notice
      • NOTE: If parents are separated or divorced, each parent must provide a separate Proof of Residency
    4. Any legal documentation applicable to the family (parenting plans, restraining orders, etc.)
Complete all IEP and 504 information.
Families wishing to enroll students on specialized educations plans (IEP, ALP, ELD, etc.) in a charter school are encouraged to read the Guidance to Parents Seeking Enrollment in a Charter School document and familiarize themselves with the process American Academy uses to evaluate our ability to provide a student with a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

As part of the charter school enrollment process, American Academy asks parents to disclose if a student has qualified for and is on a specialized education plan. The purpose of this question is to allow us to review the information necessary to be sure we have the services available at American Academy to provide that student with FAPE. If parents withhold information pertaining to a potential student’s specialized education plan, the enrollment of that student will be contingent on a determination by the special education team that the student's needs can be met at American Academy.
Get connected to American Academy.
Once you have accepted an offer of enrollment, you will be added to our New Family mail list and will automatically receive new family email updates and information when available.

Once the student data for the new school year has been updated (usually mid-summer), new American Academy parents will be added to the mail lists for the following school year communications:

New Family News - Parents will automatically be added to this mail list once registration paperwork has been turned in and approved. The school will send a few updates throughout the spring and early summer to new families as necessary.

Classroom news - Parents will automatically be added to this mail list as they enroll at American Academy and will start receiving classroom emails when the new school year begins.

All-School News
- Parents will automatically be added to this mail list around July before the new school year. New parents enrolling after this list is created in July must OPT IN using the newsletter link below the News section on This mail list includes occasional summer updates, weekly all-school school year newsletters and updates, occasional school year campus updates, occasional updates from the Board of Directors.

Social media - Parents are invited to get connected with other American Academy families by community by joining us on social media. Though we use our website and newsletters for hard news and events, we use American Academy social media to show off our wonderful students and staff and talk about the fun stuff.

Emergency Communications - In the late summer around the time of registration, American Academy will send out reminders to parents to sign up and opt in to our Emergency Communications text and voicemail list. Because we ONLY use this list for communication for emergencies, we recommend that ALL parents sign up to receive this messaging! Stay tuned for the opt-in link.
Got questions? Ask other American Academy parents on American Academy Community.
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Email the registrar with questions.
We know that the initial registration process can be a little overwhelming, so please don't hesitate to email our registrar or contact the front office (during the school year) for help! The checklists provided below will help keep you on track as well. And if you have any questions about forms, student records, or any other aspects of school transfers and registration, please email our Registrar.