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American Academy


My name is Mrs. Trout and I am the Middle School Art Teacher here at American Academy! I am incredibly excited to be teaching these students about the elements and principles of art and to watch their passion and skill grow throughout each trimester. 
Just as a heads up, I will be gone on maternity leave starting this winter break! My first baby is due January 4th, so I will be gone until April of 2022. But then I will be back and ready for some more art making! 
Here is a quick run-down of what each grade level will be learning this year (21-22) according to the Core Knowledge Curriculum and CO state standards. 
6th Grade-
We will mostly be going over Gothic era art, Renaissance art, and Optical art by creating pieces like clay busts and stained glass windows using water color and paper collage. In these projects, students will focus on elements of shape, design, and texture. 
7th Grade-
Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Modern art are all eras we will focus on this year. Some of the projects include self portraits using reference from Vincent Van Gogh, and also Water Lily paintings based off some of Claude Monet's most famous works. In these projects, students will focus on elements of line, color, and value. 
8th Grade-
In this unit we will go over eras such as Pop Art, and even parts of Architecture after the Industrial Revolution. Some projects to look forward to are Pop art fruit posters using Andy Warhol as reference, and also the final project in which students get to create their own projects using paint that they created themselves. This will allow them to focus on symmetry, line, and design. 
Thank you and I look forward to a lovely year ahead! 
-Mrs. Trout