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American Academy

Student Clever Login (At Home)

Clever is a hub that holds quick links and apps for everyday use at school and for homework. 

How to log into Clever – AA:
1.  Go to the AA Website
2.  From the top navigation bar, select Quick Links - Students
3.  Select Clever - AA
4.  Click the Login with Google button
5.  Enter the student's AA Email Address (i.e.  [email protected])
6.  Enter the student's AA Password -- StudentID+aaxx  (i.e.  123456aalm)
Within Clever are a few websites that students will be required to login.  Please visit the Login Help Page for a quick reference guide to student login credentials.
If a student logs into the Chrome BROWSER on a personal device, American Academy's internet filtering extension will be active since the student is logged in with a school account.  We do NOT recommend this at home on personal devices!  If a student does log into the Chrome browser at home using their AAK8.ORG account and does not logout of the Chrome browser, the device will continue to be monitored.   
If they have logged into the Chrome browser at home using their AAK8.ORG account, please make sure your student follows the steps below.  Once the profile has been deleted, they can use the above instructions to log into Clever-AA.

1.  Open the Chrome Browser
2.  In the upper right-hand corner, click the Profile Picture icon (usually a letter)
3.  Click the Gear icon (see below)
4.    All profile tiles will appear.  On the Student's Profile (, click the Three Dots and select DELETE.

**If you see the icon below, that means your student is still logged into the browser with their account**
If you need assistance, please contact your campus IT Department at --  ITCP     ITLM    ITMB