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American Academy

BOD Meetings and Agendas



The American Academy Board of Directors (BOD) holds regular meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the school. Specific dates and agendas are posted below. Meetings will be held in room adjacent and connected to the main library, and parents may access the meeting room by entering through the outside library door. All are welcome to attend.


Public Comment

Please sign up here in order to participate in public comment at a Board of Director's Meeting. This form will close at 3:00 PM the day of the meeting. All BOD meetings are in person. Meeting dates, times, locations, and agendas can be found below. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


BOD meeting agendas for the school year are created based on the BOD meeting schedule. Agendas are subject to small changes as the year progresses. All agendas, including any changes, will be physically posted at the school campus buildings and on the website at least 24 hours in advance. Unless otherwise noted on the agenda, BOD meeting working sessions begin at 6:00 pm; board regular meeting (to which the public is invited) begin at 7:30 pm. BOD agendas will be posted as they become available.

Schedule for 2022-2023

August 16 - Castle Pines campus (agenda)
September 20 - Lincoln Meadows campus (agenda)
October 25 - Motsenbocker campus (agenda)
November 15 - Lincoln Meadows campus - (agenda)
December 5 - Posted Notice (details) (no BOD business or action items)
December 6 (moved from 13th) - Castle Pines campus (agenda)
January 17 - Motsenbocker campus (cancelled)
February 21 - Castle Pines campus (agenda)
March 21 - Lincoln Meadows campus (agenda)
April TBD - Motsenbocker campus (agenda)
May 2-3 - Annual BOD Retreat with Leadership (agenda)
June 20 - Castle Pines campus (agenda)
July 18  - Lincoln Meadows campus - (agenda)

Schedule for 2021-2022

August 10 - Castle Pines campus (agenda)

September 21 - Lincoln Meadows campus (agenda)
October 26 - Special Board Meeting Agenda
November 16 - Lincoln Meadows campus (agenda)
December 14 - Lincoln Meadows campus (agenda)
January 18 - Motsenbocker campus (agenda) *working session only
February 15 - Castle Pines campus (agenda)
March 3 - Posted Notice (details) (no BOD business or action items)
March 8 - Posted Notice (details) (no BOD business or action items)
March 8 - Lincoln Meadows campus (cancelled date and will be rescheduled)
March 10 - Posted Notice (details) (no BOD business or action items)
March 22 - Posted Notice (details) (no BOD business or action items)
March 24 - Motsenbocker campus (rescheduled from March 8 (agenda)
March 31 - Posted Notice (details) (no BOD business or action items)
April 5 - Special Board Meeting (agenda), Castle Pines campus
April 19 - Special Board Meeting (agenda), Zoom link
May 2-4 -BOD Retreat,  Deep Space Events Center (agenda) *rescheduled from April 21-22
May 17 - Motsenbocker campus (agenda)
May 19 - Posted Notice (details) (no BOD business or action items)
June 21 - Summer BOD Retreat (cancelled)
July 19 - Lincoln Meadows campus (cancelled)