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New Family FAQ

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Required Annual Registration Events

All American Academy families (new and returning) are required to complete American Academy Online Registration Forms (spring), payment of yearly student fees via MySchoolBucks (July), and DCSD Express Check-In (July) every year in order to hold your student’s spot at American Academy. These events are different from, and additional to, the enrollment paperwork completed by all new families upon acceptance of a spot.


Detailed information regarding these registration events will be sent in school newsletters in late spring and early summer. Please watch for these reminders and mark the dates. Deadlines for registration events must be met; failure to meet these registration deadlines may result in your child being unenrolled from American Academy and an offer extended to another child on our waitlist. In the event that your student is unenrolled, you will be required to add your student back to the American Academy waitlist to wait for a future opening at the school.



Students must establish attendance on the first day of school to be considered enrolled. If a student is absent on the first day of school, they are considered a 'no-show' and their seat will be offered to the next student on our waitlist. 


Detailed information can be found at About the Student Uniform regarding our uniform vendor, policy, ways to purchase used uniforms at a discount and much more.

School Supplies

School Supplies can be purchased through School Tool Box or, if parents prefer to do their own shopping, a supply list will be published in late spring/early summer for download.


School Year Calendars for the current and future school year can be found here.


American Academy's Carpool process, a map for each campus, and more information is detailed here on our website.

Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments in Reading (grades K-8) and History (grades 6-8) are outlined by grade and campus.  Updates for the upcoming school year are posted in late spring/early summer.  


Expectations of Family Support

Student Support and Homework Expectations
American Academy's curriculum demands commitment and dedication in the classroom and at home to ensure academic achievement and success.  For elementary students, that means reading with your child every night and helping them to learn to be responsible to complete their homework on time.  For middle school students, that means supporting their special projects.  For all students, it is critical to provide an environment at home that is conducive to homework time (i.e. not having activities scheduled every night, etc.).
Below is a chart detailing general nightly homework expectations.  Homework averages are estimates and may vary based on Science/History units and on individual students' developmental and academic abilities.  Time spent at home can vary widely from student to student and is dependent on how efficiently the student is able to use class time and study hall.
K 30 minutes Nightly reading and math
1 40 minutes Nightly reading and math, weekly spelling
2-5 50-60 minutes Nightly reading and math, weekly spelling and writing, some science or history, test prep
6-8 1-2 hours English: 30 min; History: 30 min; Math: 30-60 min; Science: up to 30 min; STEM: as required
Academic Grading Scale
American Academy provides a challenging environment for students.  Because they are being challenged, your students are not likely to receive straight A's much of the time.  It is important to adjust your expectations accordingly and to support and encourage your students at home.
A+ 99-100 B 84-89 C- 72-73
A 94-98 B- 82-83 D+ 70-71
A- 92-93 C+ 80-81 D 65-69
B+ 90-91 C 74-79 F Below 65
American Academy believes family volunteerism is a key component to the education of our students as it allows the school administrators, faculty, staff, and Board of Directors to focus on our number one priority: student achievement.  Volunteerism comes in many forms, from something as simple as picking up litter to participating in a carpool route to organizing a fundraising event.  Therefore, each family is expected to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours per family per academic year.  
Annual Student Testing
The regular testing of American Academy students throughout the school year is a critical component of our academic success as it helps us measure progress and drive instruction with the most current and relevant information about how each student is learning. 
The highlighted links above, as well as many more, can be found on the Parent QuickLinks portion of our website.  These links will become helpful tools throughout your child's education at American Academy!
All American Academy School Policies are available to read online. Please read the policies prior to American Academy All School Registration in August.  


Please submit a Contact an American Academy Registrar form and we'll be in touch as soon as we can!