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American Academy

Enrollment Funding

American Academy, like all public schools in Colorado, is publicly-funded by taxpayers. We receive funding on a per-pupil basis based on the official enrollment that our school records on the state's official Pupil Count date, which is typically October 1. Our enrollment is substantiated by attendance that we record during the associated “count window” which typically begins five days prior to Pupil Count date and continues for five days past Pupil Count date. During the count window, schools are required to record attendance for every student; attendance is validated by American Academy Registrars, the Douglas County School District and the Colorado Department of Education. You can find more information on Pupil Count on the CDE's website.

Per-Pupil Revenue (PPR) is American Academy’s primary source of funding. We ask our families to please be cognizant of Pupil Count day and the count window when scheduling planned absences (trips, appointments). We understand unplanned absences may pop up (and we ask you to please keep your child home if they are ill); if you anticipate your student will be absent on Pupil Count day or during the count window, please contact your child’s principal.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the Colorado Department of Education Pupil Count date is Friday, October 1, 2021; the associated count window for attendance is: Friday, September 24 through Friday, October 8.