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American Academy

One2One Chromebooks

One2One Handbook and Forms

The One2One Handbook needs to be reviewed by all AA families with students in grades 6th-8th:
The required One2One forms can be found below. Parents will be required to sign each form for every incoming 6th - 8th Grade student.
Forms for the 24-25 School Year: (forms are published in the Spring of the current school year and should only be completed by families who will be attending AA in the coming school year.)

Parent Password for Student One2One Chromebook

The American Academy IT Department does not allow students to access Settings on their One2One Chromebook. Students will not be able to install a home printer because of this reduced access.   Students have access to the school printers and all campuses even have a dedicated printer just for students.  Please encourage your students to complete all of their printing needs at school.  An alternative option is to login to their Google school account on a personal device at home and print to your home printer.   If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email the IT Department.

Internet Web Filtering

ALL American Academy issued Chromebooks are filtered and monitored while at school as well as when away from the school network. The American Academy internet filter will be in use on any wifi network the laptop connects to.

Lenovo Power Adapters

If you wish to purchase a second power adapter for your student's One2One Chromebook, the cost is $30.  Please email your respective campus IT department or have the student bring the payment to the IT Office and we will provide you with a charger.
If you need to replace the power adapter (lost, damaged) that came with the school laptop, please ask your student to visit the IT Office for a replacement.  A fee will be charged - please send in cash or check payable to American Academy.
All power cords purchased MUST be the genuine Lenovo brand. Please do not substitute with "generic" brands since this can cause permanent damage to the laptop.

One2One FAQ

It is strongly encouraged that students and parents review the One2One FAQ link.