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One2One FAQ

Q: What do students need to do before receiving a One2One laptop?
A: All 6th - 8th Grade students are encouraged to review the forms signed by parents and the One2One Handbook.
Q: What do parents need to do before their student(s) can receive a One2One laptop?
A: Parents are required to sign the required One2One paperwork during American Academy's All School Online Registration. Parents are also encouraged to review the One2One handbook on the One2One webpage.
Q: When will the One2One laptops be distributed to students?
A: Laptops, cases, and power cords will be distributed the first few days of school to all One2One students.
Q: When will laptop basics be reviewed with students?
A: Students will receive training from the IT department the first week of school and ongoing throughout the school year.
Q: How will kids identify their Laptop?
A: A label with the student’s name has been attached to the lid of the laptop. An identification card, including student name and school information, will be inserted into the pocket of the laptop case.  All laptops have been entered into an Asset Database system with serial number and asset tag information.  Each student has a laptop checked out to them for tracking purposes.  Students are not permitted to remove the label or asset tags from the laptop.  They are also not allowed to put stickers or other permanent markings on One2One laptops or cases.
Q: What software will be included on the One2One laptop?
A: All One2One laptops are Chromebooks running the ChromeOS operating system.  Students will NOT be allowed to install software or access Settings on the laptop.
Q: Will students be allowed to take their laptop home?
A: Yes. Students are expected to take their laptops home with them every night and charge them. It is a requirement that laptops come to school every day fully charged. Power cords are not allowed at school and should stay at home.
Q: How should the One2One laptop be stored and cared for?
A: Laptops should NEVER be taken out of the case!  Students should properly handle and carry the laptop based on the discussion during laptop distribution and guidelines in the One2One handbook. Students may use a soft cloth to clean the screen and keyboard.  Cleaning supplies can be found in the classrooms.
Q: Can my student personalize the laptop in any way?
A: No. The One2One laptop should be considered the student’s “work” computer and should not be used for personal or entertainment purposes. Students may not attach anything permanent to the laptop or the case. They may not write or draw on the laptop case.  Students must use the case in which the laptop is given to them, though they may choose to put the laptop and case inside their backpack.
Q: What happens if a student comes to school with the battery not charged?
A: At each campus, there are multiple charging closets with power cords. If a student neglects to charge the laptop at home or is running low on battery during the day, they may plug the laptop into one of the charging closet stations. NOTE: this option is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We encourage students to monitor their battery status throughout the day and plug in whenever the computer is not in use (Specials, lunch, etc.).
Q: Where will students store their One2One laptops during the school day?
A: If the laptop is not required for a class, it should be left in student lockers (6-8 graders). Otherwise, it should be carried with them to all classes and in their possession at all times. 
Q: Is there a warranty on the One2One laptop?
A: American Academy has accidental damage protection coverage for every laptop that covers repairs and/or replacement caused by manufacturer defect.  If the student or parent is guilty of negligence regarding the damage, loss, or theft of the laptop, the coverage will not apply and the family will be responsible for any repair/replacement costs.
Q: What is my family’s responsibility for loss or breakage to the laptop?
A: Repair fees will be charged for damaged laptops, chargers/power cords, and carrying cases not covered by the warranty, student abuse, or neglect. The parent or guardian will be responsible for compensating the school for any losses, costs, or damages which are not covered by the warranty coverage, possibly including the laptop's full replacement cost.
Q: What should we do if the laptop is damaged, lost, or stolen?
A: It is the responsibility of the student to have possession of their laptop at all times.  Students with damaged laptops who fail to report the damage may be subject to additional fines and disciplinary action. Incidents of theft or loss occurring off-campus must be reported to the police by the family, and a copy of the police report must be given to the school principal within 48 hours.  Any theft or loss occurring on school grounds must be immediately reported to the school principal or IT department.
Q: What are school disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use?
A: Consequences for non-compliance with school technology rules and procedures include disciplinary actions and financial responsibilities. Any failure to comply may immediately end the student’s right to access the laptop. The student will also be subject to disciplinary action as set out in the DCSD Student Code of Conduct. American Academy cooperates fully with local, state, and federal law enforcement for computer crimes recognized under Colorado state laws. The school principal and/or Dean of Students has the discretion to permanently confiscate the laptop from the student at any time.
Q: What is my family’s responsibility in monitoring what my child does on the laptop at home?
A: ALL American Academy issued laptops are web filtered and monitored when they are on campus or away from the school network. The American Academy internet filter will be in use on any wifi network the laptop connects to.  Parental supervision is strongly recommended while the student uses the laptop at home.  Parents should ensure their student understands and adheres to laptop and internet policies and guidelines set forth in the American Academy current One2One Handbook while at home or school.
Q: Will students have school email or other school accounts?
A: Students are given an American Academy email address ( that they will use to communicate with teachers and other students. The American Academy email address is for “school use” only and cannot be used to send or receive email from external email addresses. Students are also given an Infinite Campus account that they will to manage assignments and grades.
Q: How can I access or view my student’s digital work online?
A: As a parent, you have the right to view any of your child’s digital work. If you would like to know your student's login information, please contact the IT Department.  This will allow you to view your students digital documents and email.
Q: Will tech support be provided at school and at home?
A: Technical support is available during school hours. If a student has a technical problem, the student should go the IT Office with their laptop or email their respective IT department ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).  All repairs will be performed or managed by IT Department. Parents, guardians, students, or teachers are not allowed to attempt repairs themselves or contract with any other individual or business to repair any school-owned computer equipment. Every effort will be made to repair or replace the laptop in a timely fashion.  If the laptop needs to be sent off site for repairs, a loaner laptop will be given to the student until their laptop is fixed.