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Since parent involvement with their child’s schooling is integral to the child’s and school’s success, American Academy strongly encourages each family to provide 40 volunteer hours per year. Your entire family can help get your 40 hours ~ moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, etc.
If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please email [email protected]. Please also check out our Visitor and Volunteer Policy. This policy provides guidelines and protocols for American Academy visitors and volunteers.
Check out your campus Volunteering page to find out more or talk to your front office. We LOVE the help:
Blue background with bubble letters saying Volunteer @ Castle Pines.    Blue background with bubble letters saying Volunteer @ Lincoln Meadows.    Blue background with bubble letters saying Volunteer @ Motsenbocker.


We are pleased to announce a new Volunteer Tracking System that will allow families to log and keep track of their hours. When completing this short volunteer application: 

  1. Enter your basic info (certain fields are required), and when you see a pop-up to confirm info accuracy, simply click "Confirm". Your personal info will not be used for any purpose beyond registering.
  2. Under the School Preferences tab, if you plan to volunteer at more than one campus, please check all that apply.
  3. IMPORTANT: On the Functions Page, please check ALL of the functions at this time for ease when logging hours.
  4. Please carefully read through our Volunteer Expectations on the Disclaimer Page, and if in agreement, sign and submit.

Set up an account by clicking HERE.


Once you have created your account, you can record and track your hours by logging into our Volunteer Portal from any device. There currently is not a Mobile App, so be sure to bookmark the page to make it quick and easy to access. Click Help for more details.

*If you are a frequent volunteer in one area (WatchDOGS, Coaching, etc.), you may log all of your hours in a single entry on a monthly basis, rather than daily.