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American Academy

Summer To-Do Checklist

Thank you parents, students, teachers and staff for being such an awesome, supportive community during the last few months of school. As we move into the summer and fall, please continue to bring patience and understanding as information may change. But for now, here is our Summer To-Do Checklist. We will continue to update as needed.
We know our parents like to plan, so this checklist will ensure that you have the information you need so you and your children can get ready for the next school year. Please read the information below carefully -- we recommend bookmarking this page so you can reference it during the summer months. Watch your email inbox for more news and updates as we head towards the brand new school year.
Click on the arrows to view the drop-down information for each checklist item.
**But before you jump to the list below, be sure to check out the NEW Rebel Strong Spirit Gear! The ordering window is open now through June 30, 2020 (and will be available during regular ordering windows as well).
  • American Academy family ID number and student ID number(s)
    • In early July, American Academy will send an email to all families (new and returning) that contains their AA Family ID and each child’s Infinite Campus Student ID.
  • MySchoolBucks Login Info (for student fees)

    American Academy parents will use the MySchoolBucks application to make online payments for the following:
    • Student fees
    • DCSD school  lunch payments
IMPORTANT! Keep all these numbers and logins safe and in an accessible location for use throughout the year.
New families must complete the Emergency Communications Opt-In Form in order to begin receiving emergency emails from American Academy throughout the school year. Please complete by August 1, 2020, so that you will be ready to receive emergency communications on the first day of school.
Returning families who have already opted in and received emergency communications in the past do NOT need to redo this opt-in. We already have you in the system.
  • Please note that information and dates are subject to change based on COVID-19 updates. We will communicate clearly any changes to the below dates and other important info.

  • Review and bookmark our board-approved upcoming school year calendar so you can start planning for no school days, parent conferences, and school breaks.

  • Take note of all the important upcoming summer dates on our school event calendar! We've listed the big ones below; please check the website Events calendar for details about times and locations (and any updates).  We will also send out detailed info on dates below where needed.

    Order your Rebel Strong Gear: through June 30
    Dennis Uniform Sale: Dates To Be Announced (usually mid-June)
    K-8 American Academy Online Registration: July 13 - July 17
    K-8 DCSD Online Express Check-In: July 13 - July 17
    K-8 Payment of yearly student fees and optional PTO classroom fund donations via MySchoolBucks: July 13 - Jul 17
    Deadline to order school supplies online: July 20
    K-8 front offices open for school year: August 3
    American Academy In-Person All School Registration: August 5-6 (format/dates may change!)
    American Academy Spirit Gear ordering window: August 5 - 23
    NEW FAMILY Parent Information Meetings and PTO Receptions: TBD
    KindiePrep offices open for school year: August 13
    First day of school (Middle School only): August 13
    Open House & PTO Social (KindiePrep and K-5): August 14
    First day of school (KindiePrep and K-5): August 17
    Back to School Nights: August TBD
All American Academy incoming K-8 students have summer assignments for reading (and history, for incoming grades 6-8 only). KindiePrep students do NOT have summer reading assignments, but we certainly encourage parents to read with them on a regular basis. *New this year, K-5 Math Fact Refresher (listed on Summer Reading Page by grade level).
Visit the Summer Reading and History web pages on our school website to view the assignments for each grade level and to download any related worksheets.

We hope your kids can join us for one or more of the fun camps offered and run by American Academy teachers and staff! For more details and information about current summer camp offerings, visit the American Academy Summer Camp page on the website.


Participation in summer camps is open to ALL enrolled K-8 American Academy students who will be at least five years old by June 1 of this year. Parents of students new to American Academy in upcoming year must complete all registration paperwork before signing up for a summer camp. Students may attend a camp at ANY campus and are not limited to the campus where they attend school.


Want a little extra help with academics this summer? American Academy teachers* sometimes like to offer private tutoring sessions during the summer months. We have listed those teachers here for your convenience and to give our wonderful, hard-working teachers a helping hand.


*American Academy is not responsible for or involved in these private tutoring arrangements in any way. To make arrangements for summer private tutoring, parents must contact teachers directly using the contact info provided.


Order Online
To order online, visit the School Tool Box website and search for the correct American Academy campus. Parents may shop the full list or choose just a few individual items. Orders will be delivered right to your home within 10-14 business days. The deadline for online ordering is July 20 to ensure enough delivery time; parents will need to shop locally after July 20.
Shop Local
Download the school supply list below for your campus, find your grade level, choose your favorite local store, and enjoy

**Admin would like to keep the lists as they are for in-person and remote learners. There will not be any shared supplies and the "extras" will be kept separate, but will be available when the kids need something (like some additional pencils or glue sticks). Not having them on hand at school will pose problems when a student unexpectedly needs an item. And for the remote learners, having the supplies at home will be beneficial, and bringing them to school when they resume in-person learning will be necessary. Hope that helps! If ordering online, the deadline is July 20. :)


American Academy families are required to participate in TWO summer registration events. Please mark your calendars and watch for more information to come during the summer.

Registration #1: Online (K-8)
AA Online Registration forms, DCSD Online Express Check-In and payment of yearly student fees, July 13-17

  • Complete yearly American Academy registration forms
  • Update and confirm all student record information (name, address, contact info, etc.)
  • Update and confirm student media limitations
  • Pay Student Fees - Bring proof of payment of student fees to AA All-School Registration days in August.

American Academy parents will use the MySchoolBucks application to make online payments for the following:

  • Student fees
  • DCSD school lunch payments
  • Optional classroom fund donations (PTO) 

MySchoolbucks SignUp Instructions

Registration #2: In-person (KindiePrep - 8)
American Academy All School Registration, August 5-6 (format/dates may change!)

  • Register KindiePrep students
  • K-8 school photos (K-8 students must attend registration in uniform top)
  • Bring in proof of payment of student fees
  • Turn in medications, signed release forms, and updated immunization records to Health Assistant
  • Get help with School Dismissal Manager set-up
  • Sign up to volunteer
  • Get physician signatures and pick up school-day medications.
    For each K-6 student requiring school-day medications (prescription and over-the-counter), American Academy requires a completed and physician-signed Medication Authorization Form (required annually). For all 6-8 grade students wanting to self-carry/administer school-day medications (prescription and over-the-counter), we require a physician-signed Permission to Carry form. We cannot accept or administer expired medications (check expiration dates) or medications with incomplete paperwork.

  • Update student immunizations (incoming Kindergarten and incoming sixth graders).
    Incoming sixth graders are required to have an immunization booster for Tdap prior to the start of sixth grade. Incoming Kindergartners also have immunizations which must be updated prior to starting school in August.

  • Bring all completed Medication Authorization and Permission to Carry forms AND all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) in original pharmacy-labeled container OR new and unopened over-the-counter containers in a plastic bag labeled clearly with the student's first and last name to the American Academy All School Registration on August 5-6.
  • Review the American Academy Uniform Policy! This spring, the Board of Directors added grey to the list of approved sock (boys and girls) and legging (girls) colors.
  • Join American Academy Marketplace - Parents can post approved American Academy uniform items in our new American Academy Marketplace Facebook group. Select Join and then once approved, you can buy, sell, or search for what you need (current members of the American Academy Community Facebook group are automatically approved to join Marketplace.) It's a great place to ask questions about uniforms, too.
  • Take advantage of the Dennis Uniform sale! Generally mid June; dates and sale details will be announced once we hear from Dennis.

  • Learn about Dress of Choice Days and Spirit Days - Students are required to wear our American Academy uniform every day! However, we like to make fun exceptions with regular Spirit Days and Dress of Choice Days. Learn when they are and what to wear on each of these uniform exception days!

  • Apply for assistance - Think you might qualify for financial help purchasing uniforms or other services this coming year? Apply for assistance through DCSD Nutrition Services and then contact the Business Services Assistant at your campus (see below). If you qualify, and with your DCSD approval letter, you may receive some additional help paying for services/uniforms at American Academy.

    CP - Lisa Sutton
    MB - Catrina Phillips
    LM - Helen Sneed
We know families and students get excited to show off some American Academy spirit while looking forward to the new American Academy school year. So save the date for the next Spirit Gear Store (ordering window dates below)! Please note that NONE of the items on the Spirit Gear Store are uniform-approved and may NOT be worn with the student uniform. They are ONLY approved for American Academy Spirit Days or Dress of Choice Days (and we have lots of those)!

Spirit Days take place each week on Friday, and we have one planned Dress of Choice day each month which usually takes place the last Friday of the month. Check out the guidelines for both on our website and in our Student Uniform Policy.

Spirit Gear Store Open Dates for 2020-2021
FALL: 8-5-20 - 8-23-20
WINTER: 10-30-20 - 11-8-20
SPRING: 2-26-21 - 3-14-21

We like to stay in touch with our families at American Academy! We post frequently on our school website and we send out all-school newsletters once a week throughout the school year and occasionally through the summer months. Our teachers send out grade-level news (frequency will depend on the grade). And of course, we have emergency communications. Here are some good tips for staying connected in other ways!
  • Looking for something on our website? Try our site search tool (upper right of any web page) or look through QuickLinks (main menu) > Parents for an alphabetical list of subjects.

Clip of web page with search tool circled in red
  • Want to keep track of American Academy events in your own personal calendar? Visit our school website and select Campuses > Your Campus > Events and then select the Subscribe option just above the calendar. Any updates made on our end will show in your calendar when you open it.
Clip of event calendar list with block calendar and the word "subscribe" circled in red